Bromptons Available Now!

We have one of the largest selections of Bromptons in the country: different bars, gearing set-ups, and of course, colors.

You can purchase a Brompton folding bike in our Brooklyn store, or order one for shipping anywhere in the USA. We offer free domestic shipping on all orders of $250 or more. (Please visit our web store.)

Please check out our Brompton stock list below, updated weekly, and get in touch to arrange a free 24-hour demo, ask some questions, and/or reserve the bike of your dreams.

If we don’t have the one you want, please get in touch and we’ll order it for you!

Text: (424) 254-9253
Call: (718) 858-2453

Bromptons in stock at Redbeard Bikes (as of February 18, 2019):

H2L Tempest Blue/Papyrus White ($1554)

M2L Flame Lacquer ($1804)
M2L Purple Metallic ($1634)
M2L Lagoon Blue ($1384)
M2L Red ($1384)
M2L Raw Lacquer w/ Brooks saddle and toolkit ($1814)

M3L Raw Lacquer ($1694)
M3L Turkish Green ($1419)

M6L Lime Green w/ SON Dynamo ($2009) – 10% off
M6L Turkish Green ($1524)
M6L Orange/Black ($1524) – 10% off

S2E-X Lime Green ($2239)
S2L Hot Pink/Tempest Blue ($1384)
S2L Red ($1359)
S2L Turkish Green ($1384)

Black Editions:

M6L Black Lacquer ($1849)
S6L Black Lacquer ($1849)
M6L Orange/Black ($1695)
S2L-X Turkish Green/Black ($2369)

Bromptons arriving at Redbeard in mid-February:
M6L Raw Lacquer ($1774)
S6L Raw Lacquer ($1774)

Bromptons arriving at Redbeard in early March:
H6L Raw Lacquer ($1774)
M6L Raw Lacquer ($1774)
S6L Raw Lacquer ($1774)

Bromptons arriving at Redbeard in mid/late March:
CHPT3 v.2