Bromptons Available Now

The Brompton is our favorite bike for city riding and a total game-changer.
Take one for a spin, you’ll fall in love!

To inquire about pricing, schedule a test ride, and/or to pre-order: please email

For pre-orders, we take a 50% deposit up front, with balance due when the bike arrives

Please note that arrival dates are approximate, subject to global shipping delays and other pandemic-related disruptions. Unfortunately we don’t get live status updates, but we do share updates when we get them from Brompton. The bikes DO arrive, and they are well worth the wait! Thank you for your understanding 🙂

For photos of the color options, please scroll to the end of this post.

All Bromptons come with a Front Carrier Block (FCB) on which you can mount a Brompton bag. Shop for bags and other accessories on our web store:
Saddles, seat posts, tires can all be changed, price will be adjusted to reflect changes
S/M/H refers to the handlebar
2/3/6 refers to number of gears, with 6 being the widest range; if you want reduced or increased gearing, let us know
L = fenders/mudguards
R = rear rack

Brompton rear racks are out of stock for the foreseeable future. If you want a rack, please choose an “R” model, or consider a Ti Parts Workshop rack (

Per the terms of our dealer agreement with Brompton, we do not ship internationally, or sell to exporters/resellers. Due to high demand and low availability: one Brompton per customer per calendar year.

UPS Ground shipping rates in the 50 States:
$50/classic Brompton
$75/electric Brompton (you must live within driving distance of a Brompton electric dealer, in case of firmware updates and other service)

M2L Black $1410
M6R Black $1730
M6R Orange $1730
M6L-X Black $2490
M6L-X Tempest Blue $2490

ARRIVING early August 2020:

H6L-X Black Lacquer $2940
M6L House Red w/ Brooks saddle, Dynamo $1740
M6L Racing Green w/ Dynamo, Marathons $1830

3x Electric H6L Glossy Black $3800
2x Electric M6L Bolt Blue Lacquer $4050
2x Electric H6L Turkish Green/Glossy Black $3800
1x Electric H6L Bolt Blue Lacquer $4050

ETA July 12 (+ 3-5 weeks to account for global shipping delays):

M6R Orange w/ Marathon Tires $1730
H3L Black $1480
M3L Cloud Blue $1480
M3L Racing Green $1480
M3L Black Lacquer $1730
H3L Black Lacquer $1730
S3L Tempest Blue $1480

M6L-X Black Lacquer w/ Brooks B17 saddle $2850

ETA July 26 ( + 3-5 weeks to account for global shipping delays):

M6R Tempest Blue w/ B17 Men, Extended SP & Marathons $1840
M6L Orange w/ Extended SP $1590
H6L Black w/ Telescoping SP & Marathons $1692
M6R Black w/ Extended SP & Marathons $1730
M2L Cloud Blue $1410
M6R Tempest Blue w/ Marathons & Dynamo, extended SP $1930
H6R Black w/ Marathons $1730
H6L Cloud Blue w/ telescoping SP $1652
H6R House Red w/ Marathons & extended SP$ 1730

Arriving August 2 (+ 3-5 weeks to account for global shipping delays):

H6L Orange w/ Marathons & Telescoping SP $1692
H6L Tempest Blue w/ Marathons & Telescoping SP $1692
M6L Tempest Blue
H6X- Orange w/ Extended SP $2490

Arriving August 23 (+ 3-5 weeks to account for global shipping delays):

M3L Black $1480
H3L Black $1480
M3L Tempest Blue $1480
S3L Tempest Blue $1480
M3L Orange $1480

Arriving September, October 2021:
If you don’t see your dream bike on the earlier shipments, please email us to find out if we can get one in Sept/Oct 2021.



Tempest Blue

Cloud Blue

Racing Green

Signal Orange

House Red

Glossy Black Lacquer

For photos of Black Editions or other special editions, please email