Bromptons Available Now

The Brompton is our favorite bike for city riding and a total game-changer. Take one for a spin, you’ll fall in love!

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For photos of the color options, please scroll to the end of this post.

In stock at Redbeard Bikes as of May 14, 2021:

H6L Orange $1590
Black Edition S6L Rocket Red/Glossy Black $1670
M6L Black $1590

Arriving in May 2021:
S2L House Red $1410
M2L Black $1410
H2L Cloud Blue $1410

Arriving in June 2021:

S2L-X Tempest Blue $2310
M6L-X Black $2490
M6L-X Tempest Blue $2490

H6L Cloud Blue w/ Marathon tires $1630
M6R Black w/ Marathon tires $1730
M6R Orange w/ Marathon tires $1730
M6R Racing Green w/ Marathon tires $1730

Arriving in June 2021:

H6L-X Black Lacquer $2940
M6L-X Orange $2690

H6L Racing Green w/ Brooks saddle, Marathon tires $1740
H6R Black w/ Marathon tires $1730
H6R Orange w/ Dynamo, Marathons $1930
M6L House Red w/ Brooks saddle, Dynamo $1740
M6L Racing Green w/ Dynamo, Marathons $1830
M6R Cloud Blue w/ Brooks saddle, Marathons $1840
M6R Tempest Blue w/ Dynamo, Marathons $1930

Arriving July 2021:

Electric H6L Glossy Black $3800
Electric M6L Bolt Blue Lacquer $4050
Electric H6L Turkish Green/Glossy Black $3800

Arriving July, August, September 2021:
Check back soon!

We expect monthly shipments through the end of the year. We’ll post details as those shipments are confirmed.

To inquire about pricing, schedule a demo (AKA test ride appointment), and/or to pre-order, please email

For pre-orders, we take a 50% deposit up front, with balance due when the bike arrives.

All Bromptons come with a Front Carrier Block (FCB) on which you can mount a Brompton bag. Saddles, seat posts, tires can all be changed.

Per the terms of our dealer agreement with Brompton, we do not ship internationally, or sell to exporters/resellers.

Due to high demand and low availability: one Brompton per customer per calendar year.

UPS Ground shipping rates in the 50 States:
$50/classic Brompton
$75/electric Brompton



Tempest Blue

Cloud Blue

Racing Green

Signal Orange

House Red

Glossy Black Lacquer

For photos of Black Editions or other special editions, please email