Bromptons Available Now

The Brompton is our favorite bike for city riding!

In stock at Redbeard Bikes as of March 2, 2021:

Black Edition H6L-X Rocket Red 

Arriving early March 2021:

Black Edition M6L Flame Lacquer
Black Edition M6L Rocket Red
Black Edition M6L Turkish Green
Black Edition S6L Rocket Red

H6L Orange $1660
H6L Racing Green $1660
H6L Black Lacquer $1915

Arriving in April and May 2021:

M6L Black Lacquer
M6L Cloud Blue
M6L Tempest Blue
M6R Racing Green

H3L Orange
H6L Orange
M6L Black
S6L Black Lacquer
S6L Orange

H2L Cloud Blue
M2L Black
M6R Orange
M6R Racing Green
S2L House Red

Please email to inquire about pricing and to pre-order.

Redbeard Bikes is on sabbatical January 1st through February 28th, 2021. The shop is physically closed, but we *are* shipping web orders once a week. Please visit to purchase a Brompton and related accessories.

Brompton demo appointments will resume in March 2021. Please email to schedule a demo (test ride) appointment.

Per the terms of our dealer agreement with Brompton, we do not ship internationally, or sell to exporters/resellers.