Our Favorite Things

Gore ONE 1985 Gore-Tex Shakedry Jacket This is the lightest, most breathable cycling jacket out there! And -- it looks cool.

Pull it out of your pocket if you're caught in a shower. When the rain is gone, simply shake it dry, stuff it back in your pocket, and keep riding!

Featuring the latest innovation from Gore Bike Wear: GORE-TEX® Active with SHAKEDRY™. You never have to treat this jacket: it's waterproof forever. ($300) Buy Now!
Giant Control Tower Pump Maximum results for minimal effort. Big easy-to-read gauge. Presta/Schrader compatible. Get one for the house or office. ($100) Buy Now!
Velocio Signature Fly Bib Short Velocio makes the best bibs for men and women. Signature Fly version shown here.

Velocio has extended their Signature Guarantee to every piece of clothing they make because when people try Velocio, they feel a material difference. It isn't enough to talk about what makes cycling apparel better. Experience it. ($229) Buy Now!
Kask Protone Helmet + Kask Koo Glasses The Kask Protone looks smart and feels good. ($300)

Pair it with the Kask Open Koo glasses ($240).

Helmets and glasses available in other colors. Note that other colors will be less fast. Buy Now!