London, UK

Bromptons fold small, but ride big.

10 seconds to fold. 10 seconds to unfold. No strings, magnets, straps, bungees or wishes.

No other bike has such a small footprint, unfolds to have the wheelbase of a full-sized bike, and last you more than a decade.

Bromptons are handmade in England. Workers have fair wages, a clean and safe work environment and can be individually proud of the bikes they make.

Bromptons are made to such exact tolerances and specifications that even with expired patent protection, no one has successfully copied the bike. Good luck.

With over 200 color combinations, one million different ways to configure a Brompton, there's definitely one for you. Come try one!

We have one of the largest selections of Bromptons in the country. You can purchase a Brompton in our Brooklyn store, or order one on our website. We ship anywhere in the USA.

Please scroll down for a link to our web store, and stock list.

We highly encourage test rides! This is the best way to understand the difference between the handlebar types and the gear systems. We'll give you advice on fenders, a rack, bags, saddle, tires, lighting...and help you find the right bike for your lifestyle. And of course nothing beats seeing the colors in person.


Electric Brompton M2L
Electric Brompton H6L

Bromptons Available Now

Bromptons Available Now

We have one of the largest selections of Bromptons in the country: different bars, gearing set-ups, and of course, colors.

You can purchaseĀ a Brompton folding bikeĀ in our Brooklyn store, or order one for UPS Ground shipping anywhere in the USA. (Please visit our web store.)

Please get in touch to arrange a free 24-hour demo, ask some questions, and reserve the bike of your dreams. We update our stock list weekly (see below).

Get in touch:
Text: (718) 395-5754
Call: (718) 858-2453

If you configure a bike on Brompton’s Bike Builder, be sure to save your dream bike and email the specs to

If we don’t have the Brompton you want, we’ll order it for you from Brompton’s New Jersey warehouse (1 week, very limited availability) or from the factory in London. The next London order window closes March 17, 2020, for delivery in early May.

Bromptons in stock at Redbeard Bikes (as of March 20, 2020):

Electric Brompton H6L Glossy Black ($3649)

M2L Raw Lacquer ($1634)
M2L Tempest Blue
M3L Orange

M3L Raw Lacquer ($1694)
M3L Orange ($1444)

M6L Black ($1524)
M6L Tempest Blue ($1524)
M6L Papyrus White/Black ($1524)
M6L Raw Lacquer ($1774)
M6L House Red ($1524)
M6L Orange (1524)
M6L Metallic Graphite ($1644)

M6L-X Black ($2424)

H2L Black ($1444)
H6L Orange ($1559)
H6L Racing Green ($1559)
H6L Tempest Blue ($1559)

S2L Metallic Graphite ($1479)
S2L Raw Lacquer ($1634)
S2L Hot Pink/Tempest Blue ($1384)
S2L Lime Green/Tempest Blue ($1384)

S3L Raw Lacquer ($1694)

S6L Orange ($1524)

Arriving in April 2020:

Black Edition H6L Turkish Green/Black ($1574)
Black Edition S6L Turkish Green/Black ($1574)
Black Edition M6L Black w/ SP Dynamo Lighting ($1744)

Electric M6L Black
Electric M6L Bolt Lacquer
Electric H6L White
Electric H6L Black

Arriving in April 2020:

M6L Metallic Graphite w/ SP Dynamo ($1849)
H6L Metallic Graphite w/ SP Dynamo ($1849)
M6L Orange ($1524)
S6L Black ($1499)
M6L Raw Lacquer ($1774)