Brompton Electric

The Brompton Electric – the lightest, most functional electric bike for city living – is available for purchase at Redbeard Bikes.

We are proud to be one of a dozen shops in the USA that stock this bike.

Please get in touch to schedule a demo ride and/or to pre-order a bike.

We have two e-Bromptons in stock now, four more arriving later this month. We expect these will sell out quickly!

Text: (718) 395-5754
Call: (718) 858-2453

Why Brompton Electric:

Arrive fresh:
Smart sensor technology on the e-bike knows when to assist you. Ride up hills, into the wind and fly between meetings; always arriving fresh.

The battery (2.9kg) separates with one click from the lightweight electric bike (13.7kg) making it easy to carry, even on stairs.

Go further and faster:
Its ride position and agility are more than a match for conventional bicycles. Small wheels mean fast acceleration from red lights and increased maneuverability through busy streets.

Pack up your electric bike and store it in your car. Accepted on trains, trams and metros; a folding electric bike you can take anywhere.

Safe inside:
Brompton Electric folds to a compact package so you store it safely inside your home or workplace.

Smart engineering:
The system was designed together with Williams Advanced Engineering, combining their technical Formula E expertise to develop an electric bike motor that meets the complex demands of a Brompton. Smart sensor technology knows when to assist you. Customize your ride settings and track your mileage and service history using the Brompton Electric app.