Co-Motion Mocha

Last week Ilya built a Co-Motion Mocha, a tandem with 650b wheels and couplers.

Fun times maneuvering it around our new space, from the work stand into the trainer… and eventually out the door!

What a beautiful blue! 💙 Tubus racks, Portland Design Works fenders, Ergon grips on the stoker bars, and a few other touches still to come!

Happy new bike day, Paul and Sabina!


The Mocha is smooth and comfortable with excellent handling mile after mile. Hand built and made-to-order quality you can afford. Outstanding stability with or without a full touring load, and sure footing on any terrain make it a top choice for adventure minded riders. Rugged 650b wheels tandem for unpaved adventure, touring and fun also make the Mocha  a standout for smaller riders.

Read more about the Mocha here and get in touch to schedule a bike fitting at Redbeard Bikes!