Crystal and Francis bought Bromptons at Redbeard Bikes this year. When we asked if the Brompton changed their life, they responded with a resounding YES!

Says Crystal:

“Five months in and I am still utterly mesmerized by how much I love Geri (aka Ginger Spice), my House Red H6R Brompton! Since I’ve gotten her, she’s been my go to ride for everything. Commuting, leading or attending group rides, running errands. (I LOVE shopping cart mode!) I even participated in my first Cranksgiving and both I and my teammates were pleasantly surprised at how well she kept up with all the full-sized cycles.
Over Thanksgiving I showed my grandpa pics of my Brommie and a video of the folding process and he was enchanted! Couldn’t stop talking about it for about two days. So now my next mission is taking it with me on a flight to Texas so he can see Geri in person and maybe take a little spin on her. I couldn’t be more pleased with bringing a Brompton into my life.
Here’s a pic from when I attended a WE Bike NYC ride to Red Hook for key lime pie this summer.”

Says Francis:

“My 2017 Brompton had already been making life better, vastly simplifying grocery shopping & running errands here in Iowa City, as well as making visits to my daughter in Bavaria really fun, given the vast network of bike paths in Germany. Now that we have two Brommies, we’re really chuffed that checking out the many bike trails in Iowa & Minnesota is much easier. Instead of hauling down the (very heavy) bike carrier and mounting it on the car for the road bike, we can just plop the two Bromptons in the trunk and take off. Thank you Redbeard Bikes!!!
Two photos:¬† (1) Francis & Deborah on Clear Creek Trail, Coralville, Iowa¬† (2) On the Mississippi River Trail near Bettendorf, Iowa”

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