Mosaic GT-1 iAR

Introducing the Mosaic GT-1 iAR

Is it a fast road bike? Absolutely.

A capable gravel bike? How does an international win, and a podium at USA Cycling’s Pro Gravel National Championships sound?

A fantastic bike to ride for fun? Just ask Mosaic athlete Brennan Wertz about how frequently the GT1 iAR gets the nod when he’s heading out the door…

The updated GT1 iAR takes the tried-and-true Mosaic GT1 Allroad and modernizes it with an Integrated Cockpit, a tire clearance boost to 40mm, and the usual 1-Level Made-To-Order Mosaic magic to match each rider’s specific fit requirements, handling preferences, and riding aspirations perfectly, the way only a Made-To-Order Mosaic can.


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Meet the GT1 iAR. More photos at the link.