Redbeard Bikes is proud to be part of the #NYC25x25 Coalition, challenging New York City’s next leaders to convert 25% of car space into space for people by 2025.

Streets are New York City’s largest public space, but right now, more than 75 percent of this space is devoted to moving and storing cars. This is despite the fact that a minority of New Yorkers own a car.

Our car-dominated city comes with immense costs: polluted air, traffic violence, congested commutes on the bus.

We think streets should serve the needs of all New Yorkers. If we convert one-quarter of current car space into space for people, every New Yorker could live within a quarter-mile of a protected bus lane, protected bike lane, and public green space — and that’s just the start.

We’ve joined more than 80 educational, environmental, disability rights, labor, business, and public health organizations to call upon our next Mayor and City Council to answer: How will you give the streets back to people?

Learn more about NYC 25×25 in the full report released by Transportation Alternatives this week.

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