Ride with us!

One of the best parts of running a bike shop is showing up to the first long ride of the season at 8am on a Saturday… and seeing all these smiling riders. Familiar faces, and new ones.

Thank you all for riding with us!

A rider mentioned that he was drawn to our group by the photos. He said we looked friendly! Well, we are!

Our Saturday long rides over the GWB are no-drop. We prioritize safety and communication so everyone has fun. We encourage you to ride with us one or two Sundays in Prospect Park before joining the Saturday long ride.

Extra thanks to ride leaders Brendan, Jess, Kristin, Rosemary, Gigi, Eiwe, Ryan, Nick and Caleb for helping us grow this community in Redbeard’s tenth year on earth.

Please check out the “Shop Rides” page in the red menu on the left, for details about Redbeard Bikes shop rides.