Training Resources

We’ve put together a short list of resources for those riders who wish to train in a more structured way.

Kissena Cycling Club
Redbeard Bikes is the official sponsor shop of Kissena.
Kissena was founded in 1963 by the “godfathers” of New York bike racing; Al Toefield and Pete Senia, with the belief that there should be a cycling club accessible to all New Yorkers.

Every spring, the New York Cycle Club offers hundreds of its members the opportunity to participate in our free progressive training programs, the SIG (Special Interest Group) and STS (Spring Training Series). Both programs―run by experienced ride leaders―will jump start your season and explore the wonderful cycling available in New Jersey, Rockland, Westchester and beyond, as well as welcoming you into the community of NYCC.

CIS Training Systems


Please mention Redbeard Bikes, when you register!