Vätternrundan 2022

Redbeard ambassador, Eiwe Lingefors, did two absolutely epic rides in Sweden this summer: Halvvättern (150km) followed by Vätternrundan (315km) just a few days later.

About Vätternrundan, Eiwe writes:

“This was the hardest thing I’ve ever done physically. My start time for the bike tour was 02:46am, in the dark and with pouring rain for the first 3 hours. Within 30 minutes, everything except my torso and arms were sopping wet and like a swamp. There was a 19mph headwind (gusting to 40mph) for the first 100km. Most of the ride is on open plains so those gusts are real. By the time I headed north, I had a tailwind for a short while but it soon turned into a stiff crosswind. Thankfully I found some good groups to ride from time to time in order to get some shelter from the wind and to work together. Any chance of beating my personal best was shattered by the weather conditions. But… all that said, a wonderful achievement. What a beast!”

Nice work, Eiwe!

Eiwe rides a Parlee Altum Disc, built by Redbeard Bikes a few years back.

Will you join Eiwe in Sweden in 2023? Will we build you a bike? Say yes!