Redbeard FAQs

What’s up at Redbeard Bikes:

Redbeard Bikes is on vacation (and offline) Sunday, September 5 through Tuesday, September 21. All emails will be answered when we return. Check our FAQs below!


At this time, we don’t have a full-time front of house person. As a result, we’re open for drop-in shopping visits Fridays (4-6pm) and Saturdays only (11am –  5pm). We hope this is temporary, but we don’t have a timeline. (Please send us your strong hires.)

Tuesday through Friday, Ilya works by appointment on fittings, builds and service. If you don’t have an appointment, he won’t be able to help you. No exceptions.

We continue to offer bike fittings, new bike consults, Brompton demos, and bike service by appointment. We try to help everyone we can, within the limits of time, physics, and our own humanity.

We’re off (and offline) every Sunday & Monday.

Thank you for reading, understanding, and respecting our process!

-Why can’t you come to the door?!
We’re not open for drop-in visits right now. 

-I want to buy something!
-I want to borrow the pump!
-I want to pick-up a web order!
Please visit us Friday 4-6pm or Saturday 11-5.
We sell cycling essentials, including helmets, lights, locks, and Redbeard kit.  We also sell bikes, but you’ll need an appointment (keep reading).
We highly recommend purchasing a floor pump for regular home use.

-Do you have a web store?
Yes! Please visit
Web orders usually ship on Tuesdays (or can be picked up Saturdays). Where possible, we’ll arrange faster shipping or pick-up.
Don’t see what you want on the web store? Please email

-I want to buy a bike.
All bike sales, including demo rides, sizings and fittings, are by appointment. Please email us, and tell us about yourself and your riding goals.

At this time:

– We have a few Bromptons in stock, and more arriving throughout the spring.
Please email to schedule a demo and/or to purchase.
Browse our Brompton stock list here.
Local riders purchasing bikes for personal use get first priority!
We ship out-of-state on a case-by-case basis. Per the terms of our dealer agreement with Brompton, we do not ship internationally, or sell to exporters/resellers.

– We have a handful of Specialized bikes in stock. Otherwise, Specialized is sold out of pretty much all 2021 bikes. We will resume scheduling sizings and taking pre-orders for Specialized bikes, once Specialized announces the 2022 model year.

– We are focusing on custom builds by Parlee, Mosaic, Seven, Gunnar, Co-Motion and 3T.
Lead time for a custom build is 2-8 months. In many cases, the frame will arrive before the groupset and wheels. Please fill out our fit request form to get the conversation started.

-Do you sell kids’ bikes?
We don’t stock kids’ bikes. Please check out Bicycle Habitat in Park Slope, Bicycle Roots in Crown Heights, and other local shops.

-I pre-ordered a bike. What’s the status?
Production and shipping delays are affecting all brands globally. Our vendors aren’t able to give us live updates. We will email you when we have concrete news about your order.

-I need Peloton/Equinox/indoor cycling shoes.
-I need cycling shoes and pedals for outdoor riding.
Please email us to schedule an appointment. You’ll need to know what kind of pedals your bike has, so please bring your bike (or snap a photo of your stationary bike’s pedals).
If it’s your first pair of cycling shoes, we’ll set up your bike in the trainer so you can learn to clip in/out.

-I need my chain lubed.
Our favorite chain lube is Rock n Roll Gold. $10/bottle and that bottle will last you a while. Follow the instrux on the bottle.

-I have a flat.
We’re not doing walk-in repairs at this time. You’re welcome to purchase flat fix essentials and/or borrow our floor pump (Saturdays 11-5).
We encourage all riders to learn to fix a flat and do basic maintenance on their bikes.

-I need a tune-up / an overhaul / service.
-I bought a bike online and I need it assembled.
-I assembled this bike by myself. Can you check it over to make sure it’s safe?
Ilya is working solo, and he is focusing on bike fittings and new bike builds. We have a limited number of service appointments each month, and we are prioritizing bikes purchased at Redbeard Bikes.
Please send service requests via email; when/if we have openings in the schedule, we’ll reach out
If you already emailed requesting an appointment: when and if we have openings in the schedule, we’ll reach out to folks who requested tune-ups, and offer you a slot.
We encourage you to read this post on our blog for some backstory.

– I need a bolt / a washer / a screw / a little thing, I don’t know what it’s called, it will only take a minute!
We want to help everyone, but the reality is, we are not be able to help everyone. Swing by Saturdays 11-5 or visit a shop with a bigger crew!

-I need help with something I bought on Amazon, Backcountry, eBay, or other online retailer.
If you purchased shoes, we can install cleats (for a fee). Please email to schedule an appointment.
Otherwise, please reach out to the seller.

– I emailed a long time ago, but never got the reply.
We get more emails than we can possibly answer.
If you requested an appointment, but haven’t heard from us yet, it means Ilya doesn’t have availability yet.

– I don’t see my question here.
Please email us

Thank you for reading, understanding, and respecting our process!